What Videos Should You Have Your Employees Watch?

The Relevance of Professional Videos

Videos are good for learning. If not the most effective medium of learning, it must be next to it. A Video’s graphic nature makes learning both fun and more comfortable to remember than other means of learning.

More comfortable to remember because human memory tends to retain images faster than the contents of a scroll or a pep talk. For this reason, you should seek to communicate important messages to your employees through videos, albeit not any video. Read further and find out what type of video is best for your employees should watch.

Types of Video Your Employees Should Watch

Your Organization’s professional Values: Since you’ve agreed videos are a suitable option to pass important messages, you should use them to pass across your Organization’s work culture.

It would be a perfect medium to communicate your vision, mission, core values, motto, logo, or symbol. The graphic nature of videos will effectively convey to the mind of your employee the fundamentals values upon which your Organization was built and runs. 

Your Organization’s code of conduct: Considering that an employee’s discharge of duties is to be within the confines of the Organization’s code of conduct, it is a brilliant choice to have your employee watch a video detailing the Do’s and Don’ts of the Organization.

The video’s imagery will notably explain clearly whatever grey areas reading a code of conduct texts might present.

Your employees should watch educational videos: Educational videos such as seminar videos, webinar videos, relevant documentaries are relevant tools to equip an employee.

This particular video’s importance lies in the knowledge, skill, and valuable information an employee stands to gain and discharge in the exercise of his official duties and professional relationship.

Your employees should watch your Organization’s historical background: If your organization has a robust historical antecedent you’re very proud of, then this is another video your employees should watch.

It is disheartening when employees lack adequate knowledge of the historical background of their place of work. Relevant details such as the year the Organization was founded, founding partner(s), first significant clients, or business deals are essential details that should grace such videos. 

Armed with this knowledge, employees will understand how far the Organization has come, the nature of sacrifices made to nurture the Organization to grow, and the legacy expected of employees to uphold.

Your employees should watch videos of your Annual Review: Annual reviews are an essential aspect of every organization, business, company, or whatever the designation is. It details all the activities thoroughly; gains and losses, developments and setbacks of the Organization in a particular year.

When reduced to video content for proper understanding, such comprehensive details should be watched by every employee.


As an employer, you play an active role in influencing the kind of video materials that your employee use for learning; therefore, it is necessary for your choice of video to tick all these boxes discussed.

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